13th International Symposium on Urolithiasis 2016

The series of International Symposia on Urolithiasis Research started in Leeds in the UK in 1968 with what was originally intended as a "one-off" conference entitled, "Renal Stone Research Symposium" organised by Professor Chris Nordin and Dr Albert Hodgkinson with the assistance of two local urologists, Mr Philip Clark and Mr Bob Williams.  I was fortunate at that time to be completing the work on my PhD thesis entitled, "Physico-Chemical Aspects of Renal Stone-Formation", in the MRC Mineral Metabolism Unit directed by Professor Nordin in Leeds General Infirmary and this was my first introduction to speaking on the international stage on what was to become the main topic of research for the remainder of my working life. Even now, in semi-retirement, I retain a considerable interest and involvement in stone research.  To paraphrase a famous car-sticker - "Urolithiasis is for life - not just for Christmas!"  Unfortunately, for many urolithiasis patients, this statement remains true in a different sense as they continue to experience recurrence of their stone problem - which is why stone research must continue!

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Since spring 2014, the International Urolithiasis Society has a partnership and cooperation with Springer. In accordance with this partnership, past and future participants of the International Symposia on Urolithiasis are entitled to subscribe to Urolithiasis -  the Official Journal of the International Urolithiasis Society - at a reduced rate. The subscription rate to the electronic version is currently set to annually EUR 80. In addition to the electronic subscription, International Symposium on Urolithiasis participants can opt for a print subscription. The annual print subscription rate is currently set to EUR 40 plus postage. Participant Subscriptions to the Journal include all regular issues of the Journal and any supplements. Participants joining subscription over the year will receive the back issues of the current volume.

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Medical Management

High Recurrence Rate at 5-Year Followup in Children after Upper Urinary Tract Stone Surgery
Michael Lao, Barry A. Kogan, Mark D. White and Paul J. Feustel

Clinical characteristics and metabolic abnormalities in preschool-age children with urolithiasis in southeast Anatolia
A.M. Elmacı, A. Ece, F. Akın

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Surgical Management

Kemal SARICA M.D., Emrah YURUK M.D.

Kemal SARICA M.D., Serdar YALCIN M.D.

URS Studies: Last 3 Years
Kemal SARICA M.D., Mehmet OZSOY M.D.

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Official Journal of the International Urolithiasis Society (IUS)

13th International Symposium on Urolithiasis 2016
Date: July 19 – 22, 2016
Makuhari, Japan

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